In my cross disciplinary practise I research the interconnections between topics of mental illnesses and BDSM (a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics. Sexual activity may occur in BDSM, but it is not essential part of it.) I use methods such as text, sculpture, installation and performance.

Main investigation area is the connections themselves. So called `grey zone` in between these two topics; various concepts and questions as well sub topics in and around them. The `grey zone` is an abstract area and room where these topics meet.

I talk about body of control, power, power roles, desire, happiness and care in various forms. Meaning not only a physical body — as it is translated into art works in formats of objects and physical installations — also as a psychical body as a performative tool, and a body as a structural form.

I collect lived experiences and emotions to my archive. I build, ask, perform and translate. Consisting layers, questions, states and interconnections. Instead of simplifying the complicated, I aim to clarify it. Leave space for imaginary experience.

Singularly cross dressing the intellectual to emotional and vice verse. Cross dressing languages, images, rooms and identities. Cross dressing to a role, a persona — as much as cross dressing out from one. Political dreams of a female body co-exists with non-binary. Question of politics of care.

In my primary research I use mainly two methods: 1: Personal archive; life with a mental illness, which is being used as an object and subject, 2: Performance; live, on-line, created persona.

The foundation for my work is build on psychological, mental and emotional states, where humanity, human nature, emotional states and desires play the key roles. To awake questions from the main- and sub topics are essential part of my work.



2012– I started to focus mainly on exploring mental illnesses in society and the person behind a diagnosis. Silenced, ignored and marginalized topics are yet today discussed from personal and emotional viewpoints.

Through my work I intended to embody the person behind a label in order to displace and highlight the stigmas, taboos and shame associated with mental illness; from the pharmacy shelves to the daily discussions. I aimed to reveal the positive and negative sides of a diagnosis.

I reference pain, sorrow and shame, as well as the complexity of diagnostics, the control of chaos and a personal archive – 365 days, 52 weeks of the year.

After some years working with mental illnesses raised upp the possibilities of interconnections between, at that time, main topic and BDSM. Since summer 2017 I have focused only researching these topics together.

My primary research use performance as a tool and has taken place internationally in cities such as New York, London and Berlin, as well I use online methods.

I often utilise opposites in my work which are developed through concepts, materials and even in long working process, this enabling to create works that are complex.

I also interlace personal and political aspects of a diagnosis of mental illnesses with the duality in theme. As well utilise the interconnections between these themes collectively with the material`s anatomy, poetry and emotional foundation.


AnnaLeena Prykäri


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AnnaLeena Prykäri is a queer artist born in northern Finland, Lapland county, now working and living in Stockholm, Sweden.