`Temporary Center of Care` centralise the discussion to different aspects of distributing and receiving care. It aims to function as a catalyst for a discussion about what the picture of treatment and care may be.

Purpose of the `Temporary Center of Care` is to create a sense of security, cohesion and transparency for those who are left outside of the societies normative. Norm criticality, interaction, creating a dialogue, politics of care, community and collective understanding and belonging to one are the fundaments of the project. 

`Temporary Center of Care` aims to stress questions such as; how we are able to receive care, who is the care -taker, and -giver, how sustainability can be seen in these aspects, what part collective posit in this discussion, what is the role of an individual and meaning of the collective for an individual as well collective seeking for happiness. 

`Temporary Center of Care` -project is based on AnnaLeena Prykäris cross disciplinary practice where she research the interconnections between topics of mental illnesses and BDSM (an umbrella term for erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics). The last mentioned topic is not viewed as a medical state. 

Main investigation area is the connections themselves. So called `grey zone` in between these two topics; various concepts and questions as well sub topics in and around them. The `grey zone` is an abstract area and room where these topics meet.

Prykäri talks about body of control, power roles, desire, happiness and most importantly care in various forms. Meaning not only a physical body — as it is translated into art works in formats of objects and physical installations — also as a psychical body as a performative tool, and a body as a structural form.