`Temporary Center of Care` centralise the discussion to different aspects of distributing and receiving care. It aims to function as a catalyst for a discussion about what the picture of treatment and care may be.

The work is based on the idea of community and assembles together experts, practitioners and patients in the thematic areas. Ambition is to also collaborate with other artists who´s practise touch these thematics. This piece will take a physical form in a collective space that offers i.e. collected research material, interviews, panel discussions and performance lectures. 

Purpose of the `Temporary Center of Care` is to create a sense of security, cohesion and transparency for those who are left outside of the societies normative. Norm criticality, interaction, creating a dialogue, politics of care and collective understanding and belonging to one are the fundaments of the project. 

`Temporary Center of Care` aims to stress questions such as; how we are able to receive care, who is the care -taker, and -giver, how sustainability can be seen in these aspects, what part collective posit in this discussion, what is the role of an individual and meaning of the collective for an individual as well collective seeking for happiness.